untangle-iconThe game we discuss here is (also) called Lazors, but a more suitable name could be Untangle or Network Points. This game is a typical example of a game that allows for ‘low floor – high ceiling’ activities. It is easy to start, yet very complex questions can be asked about the graphs.

Mathematical knowledge and skills that lie in the game are:

  1. spatial awareness
  2. geometry
  3. graph theory (topological characteristics of graphs).

The first task is to find out what the aim is. Don’t tell the students, but ask them to find it out and describe it. Perhaps write an instruction or guideline for a user.

After solving many levels students can think of new questions such as the ones below.



How many different solutions are there?





Is it possible to move all the triangles (and squares) to the outside so that no triangle lies within another triangle/square? When is this possible and when not?

Can you make a network that cannot be untangled in the way this game requires? If yes, how do you design such a network? What are it’s characteristics.

Can you predict whether a network can be untangled or not without trying it out. Evidence, proof!

The program GeoGebra can be used to draw the networks and discuss the reasoning and show the different options.

The game is suitable from primary school up to university level.

 Purchase  Free
 Hardware  PC, iPad, tablet
 Requirements  browser


Every month DiScoro writes about resources that can be used in schools and about inspirational issues. See Services in the Menu for workshops, training etc.

Gears is an applet that offers short tasks based on gears. The game applies knowledge, skills and concpets from both maths and engineering/mechanics.

gears screen

The applet Gears can be found at two different locations in the Primas project and on the RekenWeb. The applet can be used in grade 4-8. We used the applet as preparation for more complex tasks using GearSketch.

Note: The applet does not work on an iPad.
 Purchase  Free
 Hardware  PC
 Requirements  browser, Java

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Every month DiScoro writes about resources that can be used in schools or about inspirational issues. See Services in the Menu for workshops, training etc.

Rijksmuseum logo AppThe Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has many of the world’s finest masterpieces and tells the most exciting stories. Over 8,000 treasures are displayed across 80 exhibition rooms, telling the tale of 800 years of art and history. A journey through time, spanning 1.5 kilometres, runs from the Middle Ages to the present day. The official Rijksmuseum App offers guided tours, and enables you to browse through the Rijksmuseum art works in any particular order. The App is designed for use by visitors to the museum, but can also be used at home or in the classroom. Another option is the museum’s website which gives you access to the collection. If you register, you can even download high quality pictures of the pieces of art.

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Information regarding the App:

Purchase  Free
Hardware  iPad, Android tablet,, Smartphone
Requirements  IOS 4.0 and higher

Wuzzit Math App

Wuzzit Trouble: math game for iPad, and smart phones (iPhone, Android)

Real game, real maths.

This App is recommended by math teachers. This is a maths game that does not look like the sums you will find in a math textbook. However, the players do really use a lot of math in this game.

Wuzzit Game

Designed by Prof. Keith Devlin fra Stanford University (California).

Wuzzit Trouble

In Wuzzit Trouble the players use a lot of maths and are encouraged to find smarter and more efficient solutions.Wuzzit Trouble has enough levels to make it an interesting game for many students. Link

 Purchase  Free
 Hardware  iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android
 Requirements  iOS 5.1 or Android

Schooltas App

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Gijs heeft als ontwikkelaar gewerkt aan de Schooltas App van ThiemeMeulenhoff. We weten wat de mogelijkheden zijn en de tekortkomingen. We dat het beter kan en moet en ook hoe dat gerealiseerd kan worden. De Schooltas App levert nu al alle schoolboeken voor VO digitaal op een App. Alle boeken in je I-Pad.