is an App and a web application which helps you to learn a new/second language. The application offers more than the usual Language Apps. provides namely much more than the vocabulary and sentences enough to get around in another country as a tourist.

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In order to master a language, at least four different language skills should be trained:
  1. reading (and understanding)
  2. writing
  3. listening
  4. speaking and conversation
In addition the knowledge about vocabulary, grammar, idiom, pronunciation, and culture is required.

You will find many programs which assist in training vocabulary. It is hard to find a program that you can use to train the expressive language skills: writing and speaking/conversation. mainly offers training in reading and vocabulary. does this in a creative and motivating way aiming at adult students. The motivational aspects lie in the fact that  selects texts based on the words the user has entered. The texts come from recent newspaper articles and magazine clippings, often from the countries where the target language is used. This implies that the information you read is based on your level, your interests, it is up-to-date, about current events, and  rovides insight in the culture of the country.

The program does not yet offer ample material for all languages you can choose. However, when your mother tongue is English you can choose many target languages that contain and generate enough learning material.

The PC version offers more functionality than the App!

 Purchase  Free
 Hardware  iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android tablet, PC
 Requirements   iOS 6 /browser



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