Create your own Animation

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It is quite challenging to create your own animation from skratch, using your own sketches. Yet, this process is much more creative, rewarding and instructive than when you use ready made pictures.

There are many different programs you can use. Below you just find a suggestion of resources in order to create you own animation.

  • Videos by Richard Williams for introduction as well as for instruction
  • Paint or any other drawing program to draw the pictures
  • A GIF animation program such as

Richard Williams shows how simple and how complex it is to animate the movements of an animal or a person. This requires close observation and analysis of what the animal looks like and how the different body parts move. After this research you start with the actual drawing  and the sequencing of the pictures. Test and make the animation with an animation program. The process of fine tuning will make the difference in the end result.

If you wish to publish the animations, use a website, the school’s learning environment, or a blog.

Purchase Free (all three resources mentioned)
Hardware PC*
Requirements Browser for videos
* You can certainly create animations on a tablet. You only need a different drawing program.

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