untangle-iconThe game we discuss here is (also) called Lazors, but a more suitable name could be Untangle or Network Points. This game is a typical example of a game that allows for ‘low floor – high ceiling’ activities. It is easy to start, yet very complex questions can be asked about the graphs.

Mathematical knowledge and skills that lie in the game are:

  1. spatial awareness
  2. geometry
  3. graph theory (topological characteristics of graphs).

The first task is to find out what the aim is. Don’t tell the students, but ask them to find it out and describe it. Perhaps write an instruction or guideline for a user.

After solving many levels students can think of new questions such as the ones below.



How many different solutions are there?





Is it possible to move all the triangles (and squares) to the outside so that no triangle lies within another triangle/square? When is this possible and when not?

Can you make a network that cannot be untangled in the way this game requires? If yes, how do you design such a network? What are it’s characteristics.

Can you predict whether a network can be untangled or not without trying it out. Evidence, proof!

The program GeoGebra can be used to draw the networks and discuss the reasoning and show the different options.

The game is suitable from primary school up to university level.

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Create your own Animation

Every month DiScoro writes about resources that can be used in schools and about inspirational issues. See Services in the Menu for workshops, training etc.

It is quite challenging to create your own animation from skratch, using your own sketches. Yet, this process is much more creative, rewarding and instructive than when you use ready made pictures.

There are many different programs you can use. Below you just find a suggestion of resources in order to create you own animation.

  • Videos by Richard Williams for introduction as well as for instruction
  • Paint or any other drawing program to draw the pictures
  • A GIF animation program such as gifmaker.me

Richard Williams shows how simple and how complex it is to animate the movements of an animal or a person. This requires close observation and analysis of what the animal looks like and how the different body parts move. After this research you start with the actual drawing  and the sequencing of the pictures. Test and make the animation with an animation program. The process of fine tuning will make the difference in the end result.

If you wish to publish the animations, use a website, the school’s learning environment, or a blog.

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Hardware PC*
Requirements Browser for videos
* You can certainly create animations on a tablet. You only need a different drawing program.


Lingua.ly is an App and a web application which helps you to learn a new/second language. The application offers more than the usual Language Apps. Lingua.ly provides namely much more than the vocabulary and sentences enough to get around in another country as a tourist.

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In order to master a language, at least four different language skills should be trained:
  1. reading (and understanding)
  2. writing
  3. listening
  4. speaking and conversation
In addition the knowledge about vocabulary, grammar, idiom, pronunciation, and culture is required.

You will find many programs which assist in training vocabulary. It is hard to find a program that you can use to train the expressive language skills: writing and speaking/conversation.

Lingua.ly mainly offers training in reading and vocabulary. Lingua.ly does this in a creative and motivating way aiming at adult students. The motivational aspects lie in the fact that Lingua.ly  selects texts based on the words the user has entered. The texts come from recent newspaper articles and magazine clippings, often from the countries where the target language is used. This implies that the information you read is based on your level, your interests, it is up-to-date, about current events, and  rovides insight in the culture of the country.

The program does not yet offer ample material for all languages you can choose. However, when your mother tongue is English you can choose many target languages that contain and generate enough learning material.

The PC version offers more functionality than the App!

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Mechanics: Force Effect

Autodesk Force Effect is an App and webapplication which simulates design concepts from machanics. The App can be used in higher education.

The catchy visualisation of the Force Effect simulations can certainly moti vate the students. It is probably best to use the simulations as an illustrative introduction because the simulations are a simplification of the much more complex rationale behind it. The lecturer should guide the students through the more complex mathematics and mechanics behind the simulations.

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Digital History is a website about topics in American history. The entry of the website is visualised in pictures as well as on a time-line. The site offers a huge amount of information in text, pictures, films, historical documents etc. Additionally, it offers useful information for teachers. The content of the site is produced under the responsibility of the College of Education of Houston University (US).

The contents is possibly too elaborate to be widely used outside the US, but some topics will definitely be of interest and are worth studying for non-US students. The approach can also serve as an example to work on an historic project or topic nearer to the students.

Digital History (USA)

Digital History (USA)

Digital History (USA)

Digital History (USA)

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Apples and Degrees

Pupils easily learn mathematical degrees with the Fruit Picker game. The game is free for use within a browser at www.fruitpicker.co.uk. The App in the AppStore costs 0,99 $. If you search for the App in the AppStore be sure that you type the two words Fruit Picker.

Another game in the same series is more difficult and uses the whole cirkel: Shape Rotate , Degrees in a circle at www.shaperotate.co.uk .

Epler og Grader

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voorbeeld mandala

You decide how and when you can use the program ColorMandala. This can be in Art class or in Mathematics. It is about mathematics, patterns, esthetics, colours and fun.


Arts: Students colour a Mandala of their choice using only primary colours or only secundary colours. Discuss the differences.

Design: Students design a new Mandala from scratch. Look at how many repetitions they have used to make the pattern. make comparisons with Arab art.

Mathematics: Make patterns with only odd or only even number in the repetitions in the patterns. Either use only repetitions in the patterns using prime numbers.

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