Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in New York has several Apps. We present two of them: the Art Lab and the MoMA App. The MoMA website is also worth visiting but less intuitive if you wish to navigate through collections or artists than the MoMA App.

artlabappThe Art Lab App gives pupils a drawing platform where they can experiment with techniques related to trends in art, or artists. The limitations are a clever way of instruction when making art. The feeling remains that the same tasks will be much more interesting, practical, manual, and creative when performed with the actual materials instead of on a touchscreen. The Art Lab could be used as an introduction to the actual hands-on, dirty work.

momaappThe MoMA App provides Collections and Artists and a special Kids section with audio. The kids collection is an interesting selection of works of art which should provoke reactions and emotions with children. The audio clips lead you through the works of art and pose some questions. Yet, it would be much more interesting and instructive to wait with the audio clips and first let the kids observe, react and discuss what they see.

Below some examples of the paintings from the MoMA App. You could show them on a SmartBoard and discuss in class.

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 Purchase  Free 
 Hardware  Art Lab – iPad; MoMA App – iPad + iPhone
 Requirements  iOS, (the MoMA website in browser)

SMART Board training EOSØR Kristiansand

EOSØR Kristiansand uses interactive whiteboards. EOSØR provides vocational education in the area of electronics.

The teachers at EOSØR received their first training in the use of SMARTBoard. They have already many ideas and inspiration for the next school year. The new students can expect lessons from teachers who will use this new technology in the classroom. In July the second training session will be held in which they will be indtroduced in the use of  responseware in the classroom.

SmartBoard & Mathematics

The University of Agder organised a Show & Tell workshop on the use of SMART Board and SMART Notebook in math classes.

Mathematics teacher trainers and researchers shared their knowledge and expertise on how SMART Board and SMART Notebook can be used to activate students. The software is used to visualise and manipulate objects used in math tasks. Examples are given on how categorisation encourages students to think about math problems in a different way.

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