Responseware: Kahoot

Kahoot is a well known responseware program in Primary and Secondary schools. The teacher starts a ‘Quiz’ on his own PC and shows the questions one by one on a large screen, using a projector or a interactive board. The students answer using any digital device: PC, tablet, smartphone. The results are  displayed graphically on the teachers’ PC and can thus be viewed on the large screen. The answers are anonymous to other students, but the teacher can download a file and analyse the results later.
A Kahoot Quiz can be used to check students’ knowledge, but can also be used to check what students know before instruction on a new topic takes off.

DiScoro offers training and workshops in the use of Responseware, such as Kahoot, Socrative, and in how to create various types of questions.

Example of a question

Example of a question

Functionality and Review

  • Kahoot offers two quiz options: Quiz and Survey. A question in a Quiz requires one correct answer. In a Survey all answers are correct.
  • Students think that Kahoot is fun.
  • Kahoot is easy to use.
  • The use of Kahoot during your lessons does not take much time. After the first time you can use Kahoot within 10 minutes.
  • Kahoot offers only Multiple-choice questions. It is not possible to use an open question where students write in their own answer.
  • Students must respond under time pressure. The maximum time you can allow for answering one question is 3 minutes. We think this is rather short and unfortunately does not allow for discussion or more difficult questions.
  • Kahoot uses a picture or a video with every question. If you do not upload a picture, then Kahoot will use its own picture. It is therfore wise to always upload a picture that matches the question.
  • You might experience that if you do not turn down volume completely that the program come along with quite a loud tune all the time.

Example of a question

Purchase  Free
Hardware  iPad, Android tablet,, Smartphone, PC
Requirements  PC for the teacher with browser

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