Schools are searching for alternatives for the traditional textbooks and exercise books.  We support schools and teachers in their quest  to:

  • use technology and to incorporate digital learning material in the learning process
  • implement inquiry-based learning.

In our activities we focus on: How can we foster deep-learning? How do I get to higher-order thinking skills? How can technology encourage students to think, create, design, collaborate, investigate?

What we do and offer

  • Consultancy, workshops and training with respect to:
    1. Inquiry-based and hands-on learning in the class-room;
    2. Using technology in education;
    3. Digitalisation of learning material;
    4. Professional development in the use of technology;
    5. Professional development in creating tasks that foster higher-order thinking skills.
  • Projectmanagement;
  • E-learning design based on the curriculum;
  • Design and development of instruction films, Apps etc.
  • In-service-training
    1. Writing for the web;
    2. Blogging;
    3. Presentation skills using PowerPoint, Prezi;
    4. Active learning through the use of Responseware (Socrative, Mentimeter, Kahoot etc.)
    5. Use of digital interactive boards (SmartBoard);
    6. Use of Smart Notebook or Active Inspire software.