Schools are searching for alternatives for the traditional textbooks and exercise books.  We support schools and teachers in their quest  to:

  • use technology and to incorporate digital learning material in the learning process
  • implement inquiry-based learning
  • develop outdoor (mobile) learning experiences

We focus on (1) fostering inquiry and deep-learning, (2) incorporating higher-order thinking skills in education, (3) the use of technology to encourage students to think, create, design, collaborate and investigate, (4) making learning more kinesthetic, and (5) challenging and including all students.

What we do and offer

  • Consultancy, workshops and training with respect to:
    1. Inquiry-based and hands-on learning in the class-room;
    2. Project-based learning;
    3. Use of technology in education;
    4. Digitalization of learning material;
    5. Professional development in the mentioned areas.
  • Project management;
  • E-learning design;
  • Design and development of videos.