Cube 3D-2D

In the DaVinci2020 project we design interdisciplinary activities in the field of science, technology and mathematics (STEM). We use an inquiry-based learning and hands-on approach. All activities are tried out in grade 5 and 6 (age 10 – 12) at to different schools in Norway.

Transformation from 3D to 2D and vice versa is an important mathematical skill. Pupils require enough opportunities to explore, use and apply the different forms and shapes. We introduce the cube, and netts that can be folded into a cube. In this activity we offer Polydron (or Jovo) bricks to build a cube and take it apart into a 2D piece (the nett). Thereafter we ask the pupils to draw the different netts they can find.

Before the pupils will be able to master the 3D <-> 2D conversion visually and later mentally, they need many situations and opportunities in which they can practice this over time. They can for example be asked to make a dice from heavy paper/cardboard. They will have to find out where to draw which number of dots. Thereafter they have to find out where to add the edges used for gluing the sides of the nett into a cube. Other tasks involve the design and construction of packaging.


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