Tall Ships Race: Knots

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logo TSRSee Tall Ships Race for an introduction and links.

KNOTS is the first activitiy within the theme Tall Ships Race.

Use the webiste about Knots. We will mainly work will the parts about Basic Knots and Boating Knots.

Task 1: Tie some of the knots using the animations on the website Knots. Click on the picture to view how to tie the knot.

  • First try some of the knots from Basic Knots : Square Knot, Sheet Bend, Figure of 8 Knot, Slip Knot.
  • Afterwards try to tie some of the knots from Boating Knots for example: Stopper Knot, Bowline (= the king of knots), Clove Hitch.
  • A good test to check if you master the knot is to tie it blindfolded.

paalsteek ea steken

Task 2: categorise the different knots from Basic Knots and from Boating Knots making your own groups. That could be several groups and sub-groups.

  • Move your mouse over the picture to see the explanation about when to use this knot.
  • Think for example about what you need to tie the knot.

Task 3: If English is not your first language, make a list of the names of the knots in English and the translation in your own language.

  • You can also include the pictures of the knots in the list.
  • Search for a website on knots in your own language. This could be from Scouting in your country.

Task 4: Discuss the questions below and write down the answers in a way that you can present them.

  • Why would you use a well-known knot instead of a knot you make yourself?
  • What is the purpose of well-known knots in general?
  • What are the characteristics of a good knot?

Task 4b (optional) : Design your own knot.

  • Take into consideration the characteristics of a good knot.
  • Think of the use and purpose of the knot.
  • Ask someone else to test your knot and give feedback.

Task 5: Which knots should you use to rig and moor a/the boat?

  • Use a small sailing boat (Optimist, Pirate, Laser or any boat you have access to) or use a model of a boat.




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