MyScript Calculator

MyScriptCalculator_logoMyScript Calculator is one in a series of Apps: MyScript Smart Note for taking notes and MyScript MathPad for writing complex mathematical expressions and equations.

MyScript Calculator turns handwriting into mathematical operations. That means it captures your handwriting and performs the operation. The program works well, however it does not always react the way you expect. It can be very challenging to let your students find out what the rules behind the program are.

For teachers it can be useful to use MyScript MathPad to write expressions and export them to LaTex or MathML and then copy them into for example MS-Word documents.

MyScript Calculator can be used as soon as students master a few mathematical operations. I would suggest from grade 4 onwards. It is a big advantage that one can use handwriting instead of  a keyboard. The program gives immediate feedback on your handwriting and reacts very fast. The program should of course not replace the math exercise book, but can be used every now and then. If learning occurs depends, as usual, on the teacher and on the type of questions, tasks and guidance he/she provides.

Remarks from teachers:

  • “You must have a plan when you start using the program in class.”
  • “At least this way the students do more math than they usually do.”
  • “It is fun because it reacts so fast.”
  • “Students learn a lot more if they have to work together on one iPad. This way they have to communicate about what they expect and about what happens.

The program works well and consistent, but does not always react the way one would expect. Hoever, it can be challenging to let the students find out what the rules are behind the program. For example:

  • How can you create sums like:  45 + ….. = 100   , or    … + 39 = 87
  • How can you perform divisions?
  • What happens when you use exclamation mark after a number?  2!  , 3!   , 4!  etc.
  • Create different sums (expressions) with three given numbers e.g.: 1/2  , 4  , 50
  • How can you work with percentages?

The possibilities are endless for those who are creative.
Watch MyScript Calculator’s Tutorial or some video’s on YouTube.

Purchase  Free
Hardware  iPad, iPhone, Ipod touch,
Android tablet and Smartphone
Requirements  IOS 7.0 and higher

Examples of series of expressions created by swiping and writing:

input output series MyScript C


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