Amazing maps

The website FarandWide offers blogs maps on a wide variety of topics. Although the website is targeting US citizens who wish to travel, there are interesting topics that may be used by curious person. Particularly interesting are the many sets of maps available: geographical, social, political, historic, current social issues etc.

100 Amazing World Maps

Maps that changed the world

Recently a set of 75 maps were published with data on European countries that may be of interest when travelling. Most maps show when the data were gathered, though with some maps this information is missing. Though this can be a good exercise for students to look at data and information on the web critically.

Maps that show Europe in a new light

Wrong Historical Maps

Two examples of Maps that made us laugh and could be inspiration for students to search for or make their own maps.

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Critical on Maps

Rotating globe
Why all maps of the world are wrong. Or in other words: Why do all maps of the world present a wrong, distorted image.

Why do we use maps? How can we present the globe in two dimensions? What challenges do we face?

Start with one of the first two videos and then move on to the second one. The latter is spoken fast and uses a wide, scientific vocabulary.

The only correct representation of the world is a globe. Every projection serves a specific purpose. It’s interesting to explore the different projections and their use and purpose throughout history. It appears that projections and perpectives change over time and place and are culturally bound.

To get a good impression use the tool ‘The True Size. This tool makes it possible to drag a chosen country over the world and compare its (true) size with that of other countries. Visit the website  https://thetruesize.com

This topic can be addressed from many different angles: geography, politics. history, mathematics, ethics….

Curious App

curious1curious-iconThe Curious App combines life-long learning with personalised learning. Thus aiming at adults. You get a daily learning workout with facts and information presented through texts, videos, pictures, stories etc. Before you start, your profile is created based on what interests you, on what you wish to learn and on how much time you wish to spend daily.

You can try out the App 7 days for free, thereafter you have to pay. This gives you a good idea about what to expect when you buy the App for use during a longer period. It is claimed that with the daily workouts, you grow your CQ, Curiosity Quotient. Curious is supported by Prof. Carol Dweck known for research on the importance of a Growth Mindset for success in learning.

The Curious App reminded me of the Who, What, Why books I read as a child. Facts and information on whatever topic you can think of.

Curious areas of interest

Curious areas of interest

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 Hardware  iPhone, iPad
 Requirements  iOS 9.0 or higher

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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Rijksmuseum logo AppThe Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has many of the world’s finest masterpieces and tells the most exciting stories. Over 8,000 treasures are displayed across 80 exhibition rooms, telling the tale of 800 years of art and history. A journey through time, spanning 1.5 kilometres, runs from the Middle Ages to the present day. The official Rijksmuseum App offers guided tours, and enables you to browse through the Rijksmuseum art works in any particular order. The App is designed for use by visitors to the museum, but can also be used at home or in the classroom. Another option is the museum’s website which gives you access to the collection. If you register, you can even download high quality pictures of the pieces of art.

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Information regarding the App:

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Digital History is a website about topics in American history. The entry of the website is visualised in pictures as well as on a time-line. The site offers a huge amount of information in text, pictures, films, historical documents etc. Additionally, it offers useful information for teachers. The content of the site is produced under the responsibility of the College of Education of Houston University (US).

The contents is possibly too elaborate to be widely used outside the US, but some topics will definitely be of interest and are worth studying for non-US students. The approach can also serve as an example to work on an historic project or topic nearer to the students.

Digital History (USA)

Digital History (USA)

Digital History (USA)

Digital History (USA)

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