Interactive Body

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The BBC offers a collection of games or animations on the Anatomy of the Body. Users are asked to move the correct muscle, bone, organ etc. into the correct position in the body.  The Drag&Drop function together with helpful clues and hints make it into a real learning tool.

Interactive Body1


  • Easy navigation
  • Helpful clues and hints
  • The game pays attention to knowledge on location, name, and function of the muscle, bone or organ
  • No advertisements or other non-functional information


  • The window cannot be enlarged to full screen size.

Use Inner Body website if you wish to zoom in on detailed parts of the body while instructing in front of the class.

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  • Very precise and detailed pictures
  • Detailed written information on fysiology on the side
  • Excellent zoom (in) function.


  • The screen builds up again after an action, which results in a restless screen-image
  • Advertisements appear on the righthand side of the window.

However, if you have an Interactive Board you can use the board’s function to cover the righthand part of the screen.

 Purchase  Free
 Hardware  PC, Android tablet
 Requirements  browser,Flash 5