Slowly – Write a letter to the world!

Slowly is an App that wishes to offer the pen friends experience on you smartphone The App imitates old-school communication using current technology. The idea is to find penpals and communicate with them just by writing. Slowly deliberately takes time to find penpals and to deliver your mail. No fast chatting, no emoticons, however the feature to share photos has been added recently. Nevertheless, Slowly focusses on plain text writing. It encourages you to really think and review your text before you send it.

Slowly wishes people to share their passion and therefore asks you to fill out a detailed profile. If you wish to communicate in a foreign language, leave out your mother tongue in your profile. You will get pen friends from all over the world and get the opportunity to communicate in the languages of your choice. The collection of stamps is another feature within Slowly based on a hobby from a past era.

It’s interesting and brave to come up with old ways of communication and try to revive them using new technology. Let’s keep track and see whether writing letters and collecting stamps draws the interest of at least a part of the internet generation or whether these are deemed obsolete pastime.

 Purchase  Free
 Hardware  iPhone, iPad, Google Play/Android
 Requirements  iOS 9.2 or later, Android 5.0 or higher

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