Tall Ships Race 2015

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The Tall Ships Race is a huge event which takes place every five years. A large fleet of large sailing boats visits several ports in Europe.

We offer several activities for kids around the theme Tall Ships Race 2015. However, they can be used by anyone who wishes to introduce their students skills and knowledge related to sailing just before the summer holidays.

  1. Knots: how to tie knots their function and when to use them 
  2. Signal Flags: the use of nautical flags, the phonetic alphabet.
  3. Units of measurement at sea: knots, nautical mile, fathom, degrees, minutes and seconds on charts.
  4. Navigation: heading on the compass, coastal navigation, tides and tidal currents, recognising lighthouses’ characteristic.

Tall Ships Race 2015 sails from Belfast to Ålesund (Norway), further to Kristiansand and finnaly to Aalborg (Denmark). The ships will also visit Bremer harbour and Amsterdam.

What is the Tall Ships Race?

Tall Ships Race Belfast, 2 – 5 July

Tall Ships Race Ålesund, 15-18 July

Tall Ships Race Kristiansand, 25 – 28 July

Sail Amsterdam, 19 – 23 August

You can order (Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands):

  • Workshop for teachers based on Inquiry-based learning  and around the activities mentioned above.
  • Guest lesson whereby guest teacher will instruct your class and bring all the necessary materials.

Download the lesson plans for free, (adapt) and use them in your classroom. See other posts for details.


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