Edit Videos using EDpuzzle

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EDpuzzle logoFlipping the classroom or just using videos in the teaching and learning process? Then you will most likely wish to make or modify videos so that they fit YOUR class. EDpuzzle is a free program and a great tool to do exactly that.

If you wish more sophisticated software for educational purposes, which also enables you to capture your screen, you’ll be better off with Camtasia Studio. However, this is not freeware.

You can upload videos from your own PC or use videos from a list of video channels supported by EDpuzzle, such as:

  • Youtube
  • National Geographic
  • Khan Academy
  • TED Ed

Functionalities EDpuzzle:

  • Crop video
  • Insert interrupts by adding questions to the video at certain intervals. Research has shown that people remember the information disseminated through videos better when they have to interact.
  • Add voice or sound
  • Assign video to class
  • Monitor progress
  • Use EDpuzzle videos on another platform (blog, LMS, website). However, you will use the interrupts and questions.

Some drawbacks I discovered when working with EDpuzzle:

  • There is no option to give feedback after students have answered the question unless you wish to give this in the voice-over. Though, the feedback will be the same for everyone.
  • How to rename a created video is not so obvious.
  • How to de-assigning (undo the action) a video which is  assigned to a class is not so obvious.

Video from EDpuzzle

 Purchase  Free
 Hardware  PC, tablet*, smartphone*
 Requirements  Browser

* Voice-recording is not yet possible on mobile devices.

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